Digital Archives DVD

The Digital Archives DVD is a component of every package and service we offer here at Nulion Photography, and is how we choose to immortalize the events we cover. After your event, we go back to the lab and painstakingly edit all of the photographs taken. The process is reductive, meaning that we may start with 2500 photographs but end up with around 1200 when all is said and done. Every single one of these photographs, plus all of the edited versions, will be included on your Digital Archives disc. For every black and white or selective color photograph, you will also get its corresponding full color photograph. These photographs are then burned onto a DVD, and enclosed in a custom-made DVD case that is themed to your event or ceremony. The disc will be pressed with a custom-made label as well, and all materials used to create your disc will also be included on the disc itself, should anything happen and you need to recreate it. Should anything happen to the disc itself, simply contact us and we can get you a replacement.

  • Packed full of photographs
  • Every photograph included, the edits and originals
  • Custom-made DVD case and disc art
  • Custom-made inner case insert
  • Full copyrights granted; get your own prints made, should you choose