It was the morning after the eclipse of 2017, and I had scant few hours to use the enormous lens I'd rented online, just to be able to photograph the eclipse itself. It is usually tradition for me to wake up as early as I can to attempt capturing the bewildering sunrises that can be seen from the Atlantic coast, but only on the last day before we depart Myrtle Beach...and on this day, i got up early not only to give that big, beautiful lens one last spin, but also to see what kind of unusual weather patterns might have been spurred on by the eclipse the day before. I watched as this massive head of clouds obscured my chance at seeing the actual disc of the sun rise over the watery horizon, but what I was treated to instead of the sun's orange disc, was this majestic burst of starlight as the morning's light fought its way through a mass of thunderclouds. Of course, I eagerly snapped as many photos as I could with the big lens...but I ran into a problem; if you bring metal and glass lenses out from a cool, air-conditioned hotel room and into the hot, humid air of a Carolina beach, you are going to wind up with a lens coated in fog, inside and out. That's what happened to the big lens, anyway! Thankfully, I had another lens with me; my trusty old 18-200mm, which sat attached to a second camera I'd brought along. Months after the fact, after I'd thought the photos taken during that majestic sunrise were blurred beyond salvation due to condensation and fog, I remembered that I had these sitting on the other memory card...and lo, it had turned out just fine in the end.

$60.00 — $300.00

This is a Super-Wide Panoramic Photograph, and can be printed in a variety of unconventional and custom sizes. You can choose a size from the list here and have it printed that way, or you can work with me ( Contact Me ) and I can do anything from split the photo into multiple pieces, to have it made into one or several canvases, or even several sheets of aluminum. Let me know what you’d like, and I’ll do everything I can to help.

If you order the photograph from one of the predetermined sizes below, it will arrive loose (unframed), professionally printed on high grade photo paper.


SMALL – Appropriate to sit in a tableside frame

MEDIUM – Appropriate for hanging on a small wall

LARGE – Appropriate for hanging on a medium-sized wall

EXTRA LARGE – Appropriate as a centerpiece on a large wall