So, it was a beautiful day in central Ohio, and I was out visiting family. We were having fun, everyone running around the park or sat around the benches so that they might escape the bright, sweltering sun...and yet there I was, hunkered down on my stomach, camera pointed at this one tree for what felt like a solid half hour. Every shot, it felt, was a mistake. Was this one good? No, the aperture was too wide and the sky was washed out. Was this one good? Nope, too dark. How about this one? Gah, it's blurry! Photography is a test of patience, I swear. There was something about this singular tree though, as unassuming as it was on the just attracted me to it. I kept trying, kept shooting...and by the time I got home, I very quickly figured out what I wanted to do. What you see is the result!

$60.00 — $300.00

This is a Super-Wide Panoramic Photograph, and can be printed in a variety of unconventional and custom sizes. You can choose a size from the list here and have it printed that way, or you can work with me ( Contact Me ) and I can do anything from split the photo into multiple pieces, to have it made into one or several canvases, or even several sheets of aluminum. Let me know what you’d like, and I’ll do everything I can to help.

If you order the photograph from one of the predetermined sizes below, it will arrive loose (unframed), professionally printed on high grade photo paper.


SMALL – Appropriate to sit in a tableside frame

MEDIUM – Appropriate for hanging on a small wall

LARGE – Appropriate for hanging on a medium-sized wall

EXTRA LARGE – Appropriate as a centerpiece on a large wall