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  • By The Street

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    Not too long ago, I attended the annual "Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix", held at the gigantic golf course in Schenley Park. On your average day there, the temperature is sweltering and ferociously hot, but oddly enough, this year's show was very mild and tolerable. The cars were no less amazing, too! The difficult thing about taking pictures of cars at an auto show is the sheer amount of PEOPLE and OTHER CARS present; it can play havoc with your ability to compose a great shot! But then, tucked away in the corner, lonesome and sat beneath a gorgeous old tree, was this silver 1964 Corvette Stingray Coupe. I fell in love; I HAD to take a picture or two. Or three. I think I might have taken over twenty, actually! But this one in particular felt *right*. That was a great day at the auto show, and I am so looking forward to coming back. I wonder what will be parked beneath this tree next year?

  • Countach

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    On my visit to this year's Vintage Grand Prix down at Schenley Park's golf course, I was of course on the hunt for anything I could find that might be visually striking. Such sights are a dime a dozen during an event like the VGP, but I wanted something *special*, that could really help me show off the technical wizardry and artistry that goes into these works of art. Probably the most striking visual design I can think of, in terms of the automobile industry, comes from Lamgorghini; even the wheels are a thing of beauty in their iconic simplicity. This is the wheel well of a Lamborghini Countach from sometime in the 1990s, I believe; one of the most iconic cars the company had ever produced.

  • Leathery Comfort

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    This is an HDR photograph taken inside an old car, the make and model of this car I can't quite recall. The photo was taken in July of 2011, long enough ago that I can't quite remember. Still, isn't the leather beautiful? Doesn't it just beckon you to have a seat and go for a drive?

  • Studebaker

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    My mother owns a nice little dog grooming shop out in Forest Hills and has been serving the Forest Hills area dutifully for over 40 years now; Pup Pup and Away is a staple of the area, and is one of the mainstays on Ardmore Blvd. Now, I have been to the shop countless times in my life, whether to help out with cleaning the shop or simply to check up on the people working there, or to pick mom up, or what have you. Almost every time I go there, along the way, there is this absolutely stunning old Studebaker sitting parked along the street whenever the weather's nice. I've no idea who owns it, but they certainly have some great taste! I decided one day that I just had to try and capture this beauty of an automobile for posterity, and that's precisely what I did.

  • The People's Car

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    I can't get over how much there was to see at the Vintage Grand Prix, the annual car show extravaganza held chiefly at Pittsburgh's Schenley Park every July. We had seen virtually every car you could think of, from Alfa Romeo to Z06 Corvettes; it was ALL there. On our way out from the golf course the show was being held in, just as the show was ending, I happened across this beautiful old Volkswagen Beetle, pristine and practically glowing. I loved the rustic, old-world feel of this car, even as it sat there amid all of the flashy imports and super cars. This car was special...and I had to get a picture of it. So I did.

  • The Signature of Performance

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    I've got something of a crush on the most incredible of Italian-engineered automobiles, the Lamborghini. Just seeing one is, on its own, a unique and delightful treat. To be THIS close to one, however? Incredible. This was taken along the rear of a Lamborghini Murciélago during the smaller part of the Vintage Grand Prix, held in the parking lots of the Waterfront, in Homestead PA. This amazing machine sat right there, parked in front of a Best Buy, people swarming about it, all eager to get a taste of such a vehicle. The Murciélago being one of my favorite cars ever created, I couldn't keep my camera from going crazy. With all the people walking around, peeking through the windshields, and taking photographs of their own, it was challenging to get any sort of good shot, but I think I nailed it!

  • The Workhorse

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    Quite a few years ago, I happened across this old piece of art sitting among the many rows of old cars and trucks at a local auto show. At these shows, it's very typical to see cars shined and polished, preserved and prepared for the judges. Whoever it was that owned this beautiful old truck didn't seem to care; cleanliness was not the priority here. Rather, what was put on display here was the many years spent hauling load after load of some unknown cargo, likely on a farm. This old workhorse has seen more than its share of use over the years, and wore all of that wear and tear like a badge of honor. Give me a single vehicle like this over a thousand polished autos that don't so much as leave the driveway once a year. THIS is what you call real character.

  • Thunderbird

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    This is an HDR photograph taken while kneeling beside the intricately-designed wheel of a 1963 Ford Thunderbird. I just love how this turned out! It's a shame they just don't seem to make cars with this kind of attention to detail anymore, isn't it? I spent nearly half an hour crouched beside a beautiful car, just to get this wonderful shot. It was worth the effort!

  • Vette Badge

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    Just recently, I attended the annual "Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix", held in Schenley Park's ginormous golf course. Usually it's hot, it's crowded, but oh man is it fun; I love going there. Thousands of cars, everything from Fiats to Ferarris, Lotuses to Lamborghinis; they even had a DeLorean! It's strange then, that at the beginning of the day, in the first row of cars I looked at, I spotted this pristine red Corvette, the exact year escaping me at the moment. I believe either 50's or 60's, though there's a fairly huge difference between each. This logo stuck out at me, a glass block set into a metal insert, the Corvette logo held inside the glass; it was beautiful. I had to have a picture of it! Thankfully, my compatriots visiting the show with me at the time were patient; taking these photos takes time and a steady hand, both of which I don't ever seem to have. The end result though? This striking HDR photo, showing every last minute detail of that logo. I walked away from that beautiful car a happy guy. That was a good day!