Black and Yellow

Black and Yellow

I love architecture. The way we're able to build things, each of those things presented with such a unique flourish and style that defines where they stand, as much as the surroundings define them. This bridge, the iconic Roberto Clemente Bridge right beside Pittsburgh's PNC Park, is one such piece of gorgeous architecture that screams "You're in the 'Burgh!". I love the bridge's deep yellow color, and wanted to bring that color into sharp contrast with the rest of the city. Interestingly, this is but one of three identical bridges in a row that hang over the Allegheny river, in addition to one very similar bridge that also spans the width of the Monongahela river, on the other side of the city. You might wonder how I managed to get this picture without being hit by a car? Thankfully, the bridge is closed off and used for foot traffic during Pirates games!

$150.00 — $1,100.00

This photograph is a “Triptych”, or a combination of three split canvases placed one beside the other, to create a sprawling centerpiece for any room. These are very large pieces, but are quite beautiful when seen in person!

– Ready to hang on the wall
– Three canvases
– A variety of huge sizes fit for any room
– Museum quality
– 1.5 inch-deep Gallery Wrap

Please select whether you do or don’t want to have the people in this image before selecting a size.