A Brisk Morning

A Brisk Morning

One of my favorite places in the entire city is along the Roberto Clemente Bridge, seen here trapped in winter's icy grip; it was an unusually bitter, brisk and frosty morning in Pittsburgh; the temperatures had dropped low enough that barely anybody could be seen out walking, and hardly any cars were even traveling the bridge at the time. Steam rose from the city in the distance, and the frozen Allegheny River can be seen below, with almost arctic-looking skies overhead.

$60.00 — $300.00

This is a Super-Wide Panoramic Photograph, and can be printed in a variety of unconventional and custom sizes. You can choose a size from the list here and have it printed that way, or you can work with me ( Contact Me ) and I can do anything from split the photo into multiple pieces, to have it made into one or several canvases, or even several sheets of aluminum. Let me know what you’d like, and I’ll do everything I can to help.

If you order the photograph from one of the predetermined sizes below, it will arrive loose (unframed), professionally printed on high grade photo paper.


SMALL – Appropriate to sit in a tableside frame

MEDIUM – Appropriate for hanging on a small wall

LARGE – Appropriate for hanging on a medium-sized wall

EXTRA LARGE – Appropriate as a centerpiece on a large wall