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  • Silent Judge

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    It was a tiring day in the 'Burgh, the day of the 2012 Pittsburgh Great Race, a huge 5K and 10K race my brother had participated in. Less tiring for me than for him, of course! On the way back to the car, we took the scenic route through a somewhat hidden, empty park; one of the many that meandered through the skyscrapers. Along the way, I ran into this; a stoic, wistful statue staring at nothingness the way an elderly man would watch the world pass him by, wondering how he got lost amidst it all. It's only a statue of course...but I swear I could feel its gaze piercing into me as I passed by. I got that sensation of being watched and silently judged as I stepped away, down the path, as so many others have doubtlessly done, and will continue to do. Maybe one day, I'll be exactly like him.

  • Steel Fortress

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    Here we have the Steel Fortress itself, Heinz Field. This is the home of the six-time Super Bowl Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and it is a site considered downright holy to those of us in and around the city. This place is just one of many reasons to be proud of our city, and I'm so happy I was able to snap this photo of it, looking as though it were the proverbial castle atop a hill. In many people's eyes, it certainly is. I had always wanted to try going to a game myself in an attempt to take pictures, but you know what? I would be completely unable to do so; cameras are not allowed inside Heinz Field, presumably because of licensing rights issues with the NFL. It's a shame, too! I'd love to capture the spirit of Pittsburgh's loyal, devoted sports culture...but for the time being, this is the closest I can get.

  • Still

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    One frosty, below-zero February morning, my brother and I decided it was a good idea to get in the car and wander downtown, so that we could find what the brutal cold had done to our city...and we were not in the slightest bit disappointed. What you see here is the Allegheny River, frozen solid, still and unmoving. We stood atop an ice-locked pier, looking out over the city, gripped in what felt like an endless cold, and marveled at the sight. How often do we even get to see the rivers frozen to this extent? Our very breath condensed and froze upon our faces, but it's views like this, not to mention the hot chocolate upon our return home, that made it all worth it.

  • Umbrellas in the Mist

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    Pittsburgh's Phipps Conservatory, a beautiful multi-winged greenhouse founded in 1893 by steel magnate Henry Phipps, is one of the jewels of the city; a gorgeous tour-de-force of plant life from all around the world, housed inside its old, weathered, temperature-controlled glass walls. Every year, the conservatory goes through many different changes, each cultivated to represent a different part of the world. When I had taken the tour in the fall of 2015, the conservatory had been reworked to represent a Japanese zen garden during autumn; a beautiful sight represented here by these delicate paper umbrellas, hung overhead down a long, glass hallway. Outside, a dreary mist filled the October skies...but that just added to the allure and mystique of the sight, unusual as it was.

  • Urban Menagerie

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    On the 4th of July, 2014, some friends and I took it upon ourselves to go out and explore the city, and to watch the annual river racing festival, the Pittsburgh Regatta. Of course, being that I love taking photographs of practically anything I get near, I took this opportunity to snap some photographs of our fair city in as unusual a manner as I could, including this shot you see right here. This is the Fort Duquesne Bridge, mashed up against a backdrop of urban imagery. The Highmark Building can be seen in the background, with the rest forming a sort of mishmash between the old and new that so thoroughly defines what Pittsburgh is. The more I look at this, the more I realize that it's essentially Pittsburgh in a nutshell. The new, the old, the black, and the gold.

  • Washington

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    This photograph was taken of a statue of George Washington near the National Aviary, in a park along the north shore of Pittsburgh, PA. I was walking through the park outside of the Aviary, with my girl hand in hand, and we came across this statue, large and imposing. I pulled out my camera, as I so often do when I've got it with me, and snapped this shot. I can clearly remember I hoping it would turn out...and for the longest time, I'm not sure if it did. The photo needed a certain something, and it puzzled me for years. I liked the photo, but wanted to make it striking in some way. Drawing upon all I've learned in the past several years, I put forth my best effort, and wound up with this.